The Honey Centre

In May of this year NUWOCSI partnered with Malaika Honey and opened the Honey Centre in Gulu. Malaika Honey has been in Uganda for more than 10 years promoting beekeeping for business. They were looking to expand into northern Uganda as the potential for honey production is very good here. We partnered with Malaika so we could be in a better position to help the local bee farmers.

We have to thank artist Olara Patrick of Talentos Limited for making our shop look so special.

We want to assist the bee farmers in acquiring modern hives and equipment, like a bee suit. With  modern hives like a Kenya Top Bar (KTB) hive they can more than double their honey production each year.

We can also be a ready market for them and Malaika offers competitive prices for honey, propolis and

beeswax purchases. There are many farmers beekeeping with the traditional hives with some having more than 100 hives. Yet, many lack a market and lack the transport to get their honey to a market.

We are also offering training on how to use the equipment, on the importance of taming your bees and on effectively harvesting honey.

Simon, of Malaika Honey giving information and training to those who attended our opening day.





Malaika training our beekeeping group in the village.

Here were are using smokers and “smoking” each other. We used lemon grass and cow dung and the smoke from this relaxes the bees.

In March we brought Malaika Honey to Gulu to train a group that NUWOCSI is working with in helping to establish a beekeeping business.

The last few weeks we have been visiting various villages and groups for the sole purpose of letting them know we are in Gulu and ready to help them grow their beekeeping business.

Our associate, Jimmy Odongo is demonstrating and explaining equipment and hives.

Of course, we are not only purchasing honey but also selling it. Check out our many flavours. Any proceeds earned from this shop will go towards helping the local beekeeper.



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  1. As a supported of NUWOCSI I am excited about the partnership with Malaika Honey! Beekeeping in Africa and in Gulu is a great enterprise to encourage the people in their efforts at self sufficiency. I am sure Simon would agree that no one has ever “tamed” their bees, especially the African Honeybee. The term “managed” is not only appropriate but practical in describing man’s efforts to work with the bees in their honey production.May the Lord bless your efforts as you learn to manage your bees! Joe Hamel

    • Joe, you and Nancy are such a big part of NUWOCSI, not only in your support and prayers but in advising us with your knowledge of beekeeping. Your advice and information you have provided has been invaluable as we start this endeavour and we continue to rely on it. We are so grateful and thank God for you!

      Yes, “manage” may be a better word than tame. These African honey bees are pretty wild! Malaika Honey has taught us that it’s important to regularly visit the apiary so that the bees become use to you. Also, using the smoker constantly to help calm them down. They seem to like the scent of lemon grass and cow dung. Thank you and God Bless! NUWOCSI